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Keeping business on track across the lawn care & landscaping industry

The landscaping industry is built on the reliance of a wide range of equipment and small motor machinery and in this digital age, it's essential to have a reliable and simple to use digital registry of all machinery and equipment that your business relies on.

Using the Service Manager App to reduce downtime, minimize costly repairs and to keep track of all equipment and associated parts can increase productivity and ensure your business continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

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Equipment Breakdowns

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Costly Repairs

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Parts & Inventory Management

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Simple Parts Management

In an industry reliant on a wide range of equipment and small motor machinery, maintaining an effective inventory of parts and components is essential, however it can be challenging without the right tools. The Service Manager app allows you to keep track of all parts records for your machines. No more time wasted ordering the wrong parts or making that extra trip back to the workshop to find the right serial number.

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Reduce Downtime

Breakdowns can quickly translate into significant downtime, affecting scheduled jobs and causing delays and translating into loss or productivity and revenue for your business. Scheduling regular service reminders with the Service Manager App, helps to keep you on track and reduces the risk of costly downtime.

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Prevent Costly Repairs

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep machinery in optimal condition, and letting a consistent serving schedule fall to the wayside can lead to very costly repairs. The costs associated with repairing broken equipment extends beyond that of regular servicing and can become increasingly costly. Using the Service Manager App to manage machine maintenance can reduce expensive and unnecessary repairs.

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